Destiny Share So Much Better With Samuel L. Jackson

One of Destiny’s most lackluster features is Peter Dinklage’s voice acting. In a new video, a fan imagines what the game would’ve been like if Samuel L. Jackson had been playing Ghost instead.


t0nin0t inserted Samuel L. Jackson movie quotes into many of the cutscenes from Destiny. This makes these scenes about 500% more bearable. Here’s a sample bit of dialogue:

Speaker: In its dying breath, the Traveler created the Ghosts, to seek out…
Ghost: This ain’t none of your goddamn business.
Speaker: Your ghost will guide you.
Ghost: (looking at Guardian) He is the toughest son of a bitch I’ve ever met.
Speaker: I only hope he chose wisely.
Ghost: Get the fuck out of my face with that shit.

It goes on like this for about three minutes. Sam the Man spouts lines from Pulp Fiction, Snakes on a Plane and a few other films. Some of the lines used by t0nin0t are a bit random but he makes a convincing case for replacing Peter Dinklage’s voice acting. with a Samuel L. Jackson soundboard

It’s really sad that even if Bungie had simply recycled Samuel L. Jackson lines from other movies, Ghost would be a more compelling character than he is right now. The combination of stale writing and a bored Peter Dinklage made Ghost a non-entity in the game. He’s about as lively as text prompts.

The problems aren’t limited to one character, though. Destiny power leveling just suffers from a complete lack of personality. Every NPC – whether it’s the Speaker, Cryptarch or the Stranger – is devoid of emotion. Their enemies are faceless hordes that never bother saying a word before trying to kill them. A robot spouting a random collection of Sam Jackson sound bytes isn’t exactly a three-dimensional character but at least there’s a discernible character there.

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‘Destiny’ – Details about Destiny’s upcoming House of Wolves expansion

Reddit user megamanexe4 managed to find out the details through datamining the game’s files, though Bungie has since warned fans that all the information could change. According to megamanexe4, the DLC will unlock on May 19, which is a Tuesday. This is the same day of the week the game resets, and when previous expansion The Dark Below released.

A leak earlier in the year suggested we’d be seeing House of Wolves in March, and according to megamanexe4 some of the new content is still scheduled to unlock then. He suggests a patch will be released in the near future to modify the date to May, when the majority of new features are set to become available.

The description for the DLC reads “The Queen’s Fallen have purchased their freedom with Awoken blood. Hunt down the traitors and your debt to the Queen will be paid.” As for what we should expect, House of Wolves apparently brings with it new story missions and a new raid, along with three fresh multiplayer maps and a new strike. The raid will allegedly be in the currently off-limits Reef area. A level 28 strike playlist called Vanguard Dragon is also present, while the Weekly Nightfall level cap has been bounced up to 32.
Want to upgrade more quickly, you can select destiny power leveling.

As you can guess, lots of new weapons and armour are also getting added but there’s too many to post here. Check them out in the original post.

Interestingly, a lot of this information falls in line with an earlier leak about what’s coming in House of Wolves. Despite this, Bungie community manager DeeJ has been quick to warn players on the game’s official forum that everything is subject to change and, until the studio announces otherwise, none of this is final.

“What could it all mean?” he wrote. “I know that rampant speculation will burn for a while on this topic. As you enjoy a conversation about the pearls of information that can be lifted from this, please bear a few things in mind…

“1. Aside from giving it a name, Bungie has yet to reveal the House of Wolves. That means that anything you know about it can change. We have a team working on the experience in their own fancy room, and they have some exciting surprises up their sleeves.

“2. We reserve the right to overwrite anything you’re looking at right now. These placeholder items enable us to save room on your drive for actual future updates. You’ll all download them before it’s time to play.

“3. Any stats or assumptions about power or impact or handsomeness are months old, and do not reflect the things that we’re doing to adapt to what you’ve taught us about Destiny. There is a process here, and you’re a part of it.

“Leaks are fun. I totally get it. Please discuss to your heart’s content. All we ask is that you leave your mind open to the evolutions that are inevitable. What you see here are very old ghosts from our pre-launch database. These are not necessarily the wolves you’re looking for.”

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