North West FIFA 15 Champion is Oratile

At the recent 19th MWEB North West Championships which were held on the 7th and 8th March 2015 at St Conrad’s College in Klerksdorp, the recently formed club ‘Crown the King’ sent five of its best players to compete. Thus the five players ‘trekked’ from Mahikeng to do battle in EA’s title FIFA 15 Coins.

fifa 15 coins - 2

Faced by a larger field than ever before, the players from Mahikeng knew they had their work cut out for them when in the first round only two of their number (Mike Mahole and Refiloe Masitenyane) won their games with Oratile Tiro and Karabo Sindane drawining against their opponents.

Arnold Maifala (from St Conrads) immediately stamped his authority on the championship from the first round.

In the second round Refiloe continued his winning ways with Oratile putting in a fine effort to win his second game. However, Arnold continued his winning his ways, taking the lead in the championships.

In the third round, Arnold put pay to Refiloe’s ambitions, as one by one the players from Crown the King saw just how strong their opposition was. However, Oratile soldiered on and despatched his third round opponent with 4 fifa 15 coins goals to nil.

Going into the fourth, and final, round it thus came down to Arnold vs Oratile to see who would take the crown and be named the MWEB 2015 North West Champion.

The crowd hushed, the tension was palpable as Arnold and Oratile picked up the controls ad started the game. Tension increased as Arnold scored first and Oratile retaliated. Every goal scored brought cheers from the gamers who were watching.

What a game! At the end, no less than eight goals had been scored, 5 by Oratile and 3 by Arnold. Oratile had demonstrated his mastery. we have QR code at our left of site, you can Scan it to get the fastest and cheapest coins.

UTfifa15coins QR code

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The Prices in FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Modified

FIFA Ultimate Team is a major game play modes, where players have the opportunity to ride their own teams, using athletes from different leagues and nationalities. Recently, FIFA 15 Coins hane received some major changes to your athletes sale system. Check the news.

fifa 15 coins - 6

Fixed prices

Named Price Ranges, the new function came to the game with the mission to set limits to the value of purchase and sale of players in the Ultimate Team mode.

The system is “invisible” and at first does not influence negatively on any aspect of the game. From now on, to try to list a player for sale in the game auctions, players will be informed of the minimum and maximum value for the sale.

The numbers depend directly on the quality and popularity of the athlete on the way, and also serve to help inexperienced players to refrain from any big mistakes in selling their players.

The end of the Coins for sale

Now will also be required to add a price of “Buy Now” to all its players. This will help prevent the use of bots infamous, used for automatic buying players listed at prices below average.

Even with the various promises, the great cause of the changes are parallel sales game currencies held in many of the internet trading sites. In this type of transaction, the buyer list a crappy player by the amount of coins you bought the seller (which is always much higher than the value of the letter), which in turn buy that letter.

The activity bothered EA and the community of players, since, in addition to decreasing sales of FIFA Points (the official currency of the game sold by the company), still left the game unbalanced, with extremely strong teams achieved forms ” illegal “.

By limiting values, it will be impossible to post letters “worthless” at high prices, preventing this type of trading. Change is extremely welcome, and promises to make more fair and accessible market for all.

EA also stated that the new system is a first attempt to “fix things”, and plans to update values ​​and rules as needed. The fixed prices are available for all platforms, and are identical in all versions.

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FIFA 15: It’s Happened! Orlando City Now Playable


If you’re a FIFA video game fan, then you’ve most likely seen my FIFA 15 updates here on this site. With all the guessing about when EA Sports would update the game to include Orlando City SC, I was hopeful that this year’s game would be updated.

However, after weeks of talks that there would be an update in February — and those updates never happening — I began to feel like it wouldn’t happen.

BUT, out of the blue yesterday, word began to spread that Orlando City And New York City FC made their way into the game. Naturally I rushed to turn on my PS4 to finally play with Orlando on FIFA 15. (As a side note, I did get the Orlando City roster on my PC for FIFA 15, before my computer updated and the game stopped working.)

As I opened up the game and looked into the rosters, I was heartbroken to see that Orlando wasn’t on the game. Naturally, I went to the internet and learned that Orlando is NOT on the next generation consoles yet (meaning PS4 and Xbox One). They only exist on the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions of the game.

For some reason, EA Sports put both expansion teams into the “Rest of World” section of the game, instead of into the MLS. Weird.

So, because I didn’t have a “last-gen” version of the game, I called up one of my friends, who helped me out. He gave me a rundown of the ratings of all the players from the game. Some are surprising, and others are disappointing.

As you can see from this picture that my friend graciously took, some of the ratings are a bit surprising. The best surprise for Orlando fans is that Kevin Molino comes right out of the gate as a 67 overall. Original ratings from the game had him at a 49, so having him go up almost 20 is a nice thing to see. They also have Darwin Ceren at a 60 overall and as a starter, because they do not have Cristian Higuita on the roster yet. Rafael Ramos comes on as a 58 overall, which includes an 86 agility and 78 acceleration.

Meanwhile, on the bench, they have Josh Ford at a 58, Estrela at a 56, Eric Avila at a 64, Martin Paterson at a 64, Seb Hines at a 65, Carlos Rivas at a 64, Lewis Neal at a 60, Pedro Ribiero at a 61, Tyler Turner at a 56, Sean St. Ledger with the second best defender rating, at a 67, Tony Cascio at a 63, Tally Hall at a 67, Harrison Heath at 50 and Danny Mwanga at a 61.


With all of this said, the biggest disappointment in this update is Bryan Róchez. The young Designated Player is listed as the worst player on the Orlando City roster. Harrison Heath even has a one point advantage over him in ratings. It’s only a matter of time before these ratings get updated, but Róchez needs to prove over the next few weeks, that he deserves better than a 49 overall.

For now, if you own a PS3 or Xbox 360, then I’m jealous of you. Hopefully the folks with the “next-gen” consoles will get an update in the next few days. If there are any updates to FIFA 15, stay tuned to this space and we’ll tell you about it. This story will be updated with any news that comes out over the next few days.

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FIFA 15: EA Custom Tactics Tutorial


Want to take your FIFA gameplay to the next level? Understanding how to effectively use a custom tactics to maximize your team’s strengths will be important to winning in FIFA 15. Custom formations and custom tactics gives gamers a serious advantage in gameplay.

Every FIFA player has faced the conundrum of what formation to use. This tutorial gives a explains the options for using custom tactics. We all have our preferences, so what suits you?For a full guide on How to Beat Formations in FIFA 15, click the highlighted link to see Full FIFA’s in depth analysis on how to beat formations in FIFA 15. Also, if you’d like advice on building a custom tactics, leave your comments below.

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FIFA 15: 8 Monstrous Goals That You Will Never Put!

Do you mean put incredible goals on Fifa 15 coins? Wait a bit… Electronic Arts has finally unveiled its new video that brings together the most beautiful goals week last by FIFA 15 users.Resumption of Lunar fly, aim in backheel, whim, there is something for everyone! What wait quietly until the return match Chelsea-PSG on March 11, which will be held at the Stamford Bridge Stadium.

Press play and discover this magical compilation, beside which, it will warn you, you will feel very bad. Try again.

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A Look At Web App Companion and Server Issues From FIFA 15

EA Sports’ most popular playing FIFA playing mode, Ultimate Team, allows player to build a franchise over time and face of their team against their friends on the pitch. However multiple bugs have damped some excitement over the most recent installment of FIFA coins some players unable to trade content or use the in-game currency.


It has been reported that these bugs are being ironed out by EA Sports and the affected players should be able to return to their teams shortly as EA fixes each account on an individual basis. The effected players need not fear that they fell too far behind on the pitch because EA has released a statement that there is some content that will be rewarded to everyone who lost time, as a reward for their patience.

The reward is a sweet end to an otherwise bitter few weeks for the FIFA fan base that has seen the EA servers struggle to stay up. A few unforeseen internal errors as well as the aforementioned content freeze has left many players unable to play FIFA 15 online. Additionally there has been a growing frustration with the lack of functionality of the recently launched companion app for the FIFA 15 Ultimate team gaming mode.

The app was functional, however trading patterns quickly deteriorated and EA has taken the market down until they can sort out a means to stabilization. The market was also removed from web services, leaving only in-game trades able to be completed. It has been two weeks since the market went down and app ratings have been taking a hit as users wait for their content to return.

None of this should derail an EA franchise that is riding a decade long high on nearly all of its sports gaming franchises. FIFA 15 used the tagline “feel the game” and although there have been some bumps and glitches along the way, it is clear that popular interest is only growing for these hyper-realistic sports games. Hopefully EA can iron out the errors it has found in expanding their platform to mobile and web content, and continue to grow the gaming industry.

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FIFA 15 Share EA Sports have released the eight batch

Remember that in order to get one of these new cards, you will have to pull them from packs or buy them in the market house. The existing players’ cards do not update. They just stop to be released in packs.

Here it is the complete list of the Eight Batch of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Winter Transfers:

Demar Phillips 66 LB Real Salt Lake
Kennedy Igboananike 66 ST Chicago Fire
Pa-Modou Kah 65 CB Vancouver Whitecaps
Rabeaa Sefiani 65 ST Al Fateh (Al Ahsa)
Zac MacMath 65 GK Colorado Rapids
Andrew Jean-Baptiste 64 CB New York Red Bulls
Bakary Soumaré 64 CB Montreal Impact
Dominic Oduro 64 RM Montreal Impact
Eric Alexander 64 CM Montreal Impact
Felipe 64 CAM New York Red Bulls
Jairo Arrieta 64 ST D.C. United
Jon Busch 64 GK Chicago Fire
Marvell Wynne 64 RB San Jose Earthquakes
Nathan Sturgis 64 CDM Houston Dynamo
Sam Cronin 64 CDM Colorado Rapids
Solomon Okoronkwo 64 ST SV Sandhausen
Troy Perkins 64 GK Seattle Sounders
Faisal Darwish 63 RM Al Hilal (Riyadh)
Kyle Bekker 63 CM FC Dallas
Sanna Nyassi 63 RM San Jose Earthquakes
Tristan Bowen 63 RM New England Revolution
Donald Toia 62 LB Montreal Impact
Fahad Al Yamani 62 LM Al Taawoun (Buraidah)
Kristinn Steindórsson 62 LM Columbus Crew SC
Abdulmutalib Al Traidi 61 RB Al Fateh (Al Ahsa)
Eriq Zavaleta 61 CB Toronto FC
Jeremy Hall 61 LB New England Revolution
Marco Delgado 61 CDM Toronto FC
Mohammed Saeid 61 CDM Columbus Crew
Servando Carrasco 61 CDM Sporting KC
Atiba Harris 60 RM FC Dallas
Chandler Hoffman 60 ST Houston Dynamo
Kyle Reynish 60 GK New York Red Bulls
Maan Khudari 60 CDM Al Raed (Buraidah)
Sean Okoli 57 ST New England Revolution
Thomas McNamara 57 CAM D.C. United
Mohammed Al Amri 56 LB Al Raed (Buraidah)
Mohammed Jahfali 56 CB Al Hilal (Riyadh)
Sultan Al Sawadi 56 RM Al Taawoun (Buraidah)
Mohsen Al Qarni 55 CDM Al Shoulla (Al Kharj)
Mousa Al Shamri 54 ST Al Shabab (Riyadh)
Kristopher Tyrpak 53 ST San Jose Earthquakes
Abdullah Al Dossari 52 CB Al Fateh (Al Ahsa)
Caleb Calvert 48 ST Colorado Rapids

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EA already picked the best players of the week from FIFA 15

The players names were unveiled this Wednesday at 3pm UK.


Following league leader Chelsea’s 1-1 draw with Burnley on Saturday, Manchester City moved within five points of first place
thanks to their 5-0 victory over Newcastle. David Silva scored twice in two minutes and helped set up an earlier goal in the win.

Bayern Munich continued to score goals again this weekend. This time, they easily defeated SC Paderborn 0-6. It was another
solid team effort, which included two goals and two assists from Arjen Robben.

Antoine Griezmann’s two goals helped Atletico Madrid secure a 3-0 win over Almeria on Saturday. In his first season with the
defending La Liga champions, the 23 year-old Frenchman leads the club with 14 goals.

Check it out the starting eleven of this FUT 15 Team of the Week 24:

GK: Kossi Agassa, Stade de Reims – 77>79
RB: Roberto Rosales, Málaga CF – 73>74
CB: Martin Škrtel, Liverpool – 81>82
CB: Rolando, Anderlecht(FC Porto) – 78>80
CDM(CM): Adrien Rabiot, Paris Saint-Germain – 73>74
LM: David Silva, Manchester City – 87>90
CM: Andrea Pirlo, Juventus – 84>85
LM(CAM): Kris Commons, Celtic – 75>77
RW(RM): Arjen Robben, Bayern München – 90>93
RW: Antonio Candreva, Lazio – 83>84
ST(LW): Antoine Griezmann, Atlético de Madrid – 82>86

The substitutes of this FIFA 15 Ultimate Team TOTW 24 are:

GK: Marwin Hitz, FC Augsburg – 73>74
LB(CB): Fabian Schönheim, 1. FC Union Berlin – 67>71
CM(RM): Jed Wallace, Portsmouth – 64>64
CAM(ST): Alexander Gerndt, BSC Young Boys – 70>73
ST: Marc Janko, Sydney FC – 73>74
ST: Reuben Reid, Plymouth Argyle – 63>64
ST: Ivan Santini, KV Kortrijk – 69>72

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Receiving FUT Coins As A Gift From FIFA 15

Usually, we earn FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Coins in our matches, through tradings, or buying with real money. So, today’s method is a little different. Why not receive FIFA Coins as a gift! It is possible to do so. That is amazing, right? By doing so, you need to stat alert and learn more about it. Here are some tips for receiving FUT 15 coins as a gift.

BUY CHEAP fifa 15 coins coupon

There are three ways to access. Firstly, by EA Sports. Daily gifts are gifts assigned by EA to FIFA 15 Ultimate Team players during specific and limited periods of time. It can be packs or coins.

If you receive packs, you can always convert them into coins. These offers take place in holiday season or when the EA try to compensate their followers for servers problems or other game errors.

By give away. Give aways for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team are everywhere on the Internet. They are a kind of contest in which the winner gets coins as a prize. Many times the participant only has to make an application, while in other he has to answer questions, make some sort of registration or other kind of task.

By offer of other players. Unlike give aways where fifa coins are disputed by several people, in the offer of other players the coins are assigned directly to a person. This type of situation is very common when launching a new FIFA game series. Players no longer need the coins of the old version and offer them to those who continue to play it. There are also those who earn coins by appealing to the solidarity of the richest or making use of loans.

Receiving coins as a gift is something often overlooked by gamers. There is not any risk of loss in this method because there is no investment. The only danger that exists is to be cheated. So you need to stay alert.

What do you think? Is that awesome? Without any investment, the coins you received are all what you earn in your pocket.

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FIFA 15: Cristiano ronaldo penalty real Madrid home nine straight end

In west yet 25 wheels, real Madrid home 1-1 draw at villarreal, draw the league for the first time this season, Barcelona lead with only two points. Cristiano ronaldo made a penalty and personally, taking Gerard – moreno equaliser. Real Madrid and villarreal in la liga clash in the history of 29, real Madrid won 19 games 8 and negative two obvious advantages. At the Santiago bernabeu stadium, real Madrid win 3 draw unbeaten in 11. Is the last time the two teams met west re-scheduled week 6 rounds this season, the 2-0 victory over real Madrid.


Real Madrid started the game remains unchanged, the BBC latics, cross, ismail, Lucas silva in midfield, Kathy guarding the gate. Basketball team before the opening, real Madrid at the bernabeu show just received the king’s cup trophy. 12 minutes villarreal came close to scoring, Campbell from baseline, moreno close shot by Kathy block, gomez 15 meters, right foot slips Hal to make key goal-line clearance, headed the ball out of the bottom line.

Easy side fight again in the second half, 48 minutes, benzema cross, cristiano ronaldo penalty area on the right side of his right foot, Arsenal huo saves ~, marcos clears the ball. 51 minutes, real Madrid won a penalty, slip on the cross, Hal worshipped the box right hand pull down surrounded by cristiano ronaldo, the referee just called a penalty penalty! Cristiano ronaldo from 12 yards right foot rub shot into the net, real Madrid 1-0 lead!

This is ronaldo west re-scheduled week 30 goals this season, scoring 291 goals in a Madrid, beyond santillana ranked team history, 3 cristiano ronaldo scored 45 penalty tied Coleman, the Spanish history after Hugo sanchez – 56. The 86th minute, Kathy saved than her fly a header. Card oaxaca continuous broken after 1 minute after direct passing, hernandez box suspected was worshipped the toppled, denied a penalty. Finally a 1-1 draw against real Madrid, Barcelona advantage for the 2 points ahead.

To find the best FIFA Coins shop online, please visit UTfifa15coins.

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