Path Of Exile: War For The Atlas Is Now Available To Download

Path of Exile

As a popular game, until now, Path of Exile has received extensive updates (including six large expansions) and has seen continual, massive audience growth, boasting a 58% increase of hours played in 2017 over 2016. Level up, get stronger and eliminate everything in your path. You can find more information about Path of Exile at Here are some tips for racing in Path of Exile that should help.

Path of ExileWar for the Atlas is now available on Xbox One. This massive expansion features 32 new randomised maps along with a host of new challenges and rewards for players. At the same time, Path of Exile: War for the Atlas is now available to download on Xbox One and PC. Path of Exile developed a choice of skills that deal real offensive harm by using corpses as a resource.

The expansion also acts as a patch, as it improves balancing and other issues found in the Xbox One version. Like all of the game’s expansions, War for the Atlas is available for free and expands upon the maps system previously introduced in the Atlas of World expansion. More details about War for the Atlas can be found at U4GM. If you want to find more Path of Exile farming & build guide, you can visit here.

Grinding Gear Games has also announced the Abyss League coinciding with the launch of Path of Exile: War for the Atlas where players have to fight ancient foes to claim valuable new Abyss Jewels to customise your characters and items in new ways. Path of Exile possesses a couple of talent sets which have a diverse set of elements, like traps and elemental attacks. Path of Exile hopes you all enjoyed this complete and fun game.

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