5.2 new field rare elite

World of warcraft 5.2 new rare elite strange: Zandalari Warbringer related news.
You can see this only rare strange with WOW Gold before we see the seems to be different – well, riding on a triangle dragon. Say it out of the difficulty is not large also, literally group two, or a little a bit strong solo can kill it.

But in view of the goods fall, after all in patch 5.2 will be struck to the object, because it will drop mounts – Direhorn!

And not one, it is only 4!!!!! (although is a little difference on the color.

In addition, it also has the various factions increase popularity 1000 point badges, account binding, small necessary.

This in addition, it will drop material bag: blue bag can open all enchant materials; And green bag can open all kinds of ores and peaceful particles.

Blunt mounts and prestige badges, that is enough reason to kill it. You can be in pan Dali Eurasia around the shore of the map to find it, but as to what is at the same time, five points refresh or 5 point random refresh a current is a moot question. 

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