5.2 the black prince orange wu subsequent task prospective

World of warcraft 5.2 black prince orange wu task line continued to WOW Gold, from just updated test server client extracted orange wu task. Sure enough, the task is and the thor has the inevitable contact.
[90] meet upstairs

The hazy Jacob’s ladder fog hidden on the second floor of the hotel to see the west the anger.

I want you to meet a person. League crown prince recently stayed open shop, I have commanded the guards to protect the safety of the prince – I don’t want to trouble the upper part of the body. The prince and I discuss state affairs, such as the south coast of war, and Carl lowes meeting, and the LeiWang to launch attacks.

[90] beginning the emperor’s secret things

Collect twenty emperor’s secret things and forty block delay age ingot.

1 the old rule this land for two thousand years, tyrannical rule technique to let people to this historical period face constraints. The panda people implicitly says it is “old kingdom” or “the first dynasty”.

LeiWang is the founder of the dynasty, but also the beginning emperor, he in the current LeiWang island heaped up great power.

He time is over,. We should treasure he could in his pocket. From the thunder throne take some of the ancient holy things come back to me, and collect some delay age ingot – I have a plan! 1

[90] I need a brave man

You are a outstanding characters, $r. But I need a special talent. I have a great plan, in order to carry out the plan, I need a warrior will I change to the fire of the world.

You are the project not two candidates?

LeiWang island to prove your strength! Kill you meet any one of the ancient, praise dara and gaza black rock. Let me see your fierce! (down to worship)

[90] electro-optical furnace

Through LeiWang island until electro-optical furnace release. In electro-optical furnace with anger outside the west the meet, completed his task.

Everything was ready,. I have chosen you for my men of war.

Next, we have to find out LeiWang legend in the electro-optical furnace! You and your army made pioneer, until the electro-optical furnace exposure trace.

Once found furnace, is there a meeting with me. Ready to battle it out!

The follow-up there is no task text. To update

[90] storm the spirit of dragon king (visual is kill nano la g?

[90] paradise crown (new toy [malicious different head enchant])

[90] the echo of Titan

[90] LeiWang of heart

[90] speculation 

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