A Sci-Fi Fantasy JauntA Sci-Fi Fantasy Jaunt



Gala Net is hoping to find the same success they once did with Allods, but without the controversy. In our latest preview, we take a look at the closed beta of Sevencore to see what this F2P title brings to the mix. Read on!

It’s not too much of a stretch to say that most import F2P MMORPGs are barely worth one’s time. But publisher Gala Net has been trying to change that mindset for years now. One could even say they succeeded (if with a few cash-shop blunders) with Allods Online. They’re trying to make a second strike with the upcoming sci-fi fantasy theme-park Sevencore from Noria. But in a world where many are clamoring for the death of the traditional WoW-alike, can Noria’s game make any dent at all? After spending a few hours with the title during its closed beta, I can’t say it’s going to topple Blizzard’s behemoth. But I can adequately say that it’s going to be a decently fun take on a familiar gameplay style… and it’s free to boot. Just don’t go expecting to be blown away by it, and you might find yourself enjoying what’s on offer.



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