After graduate from university

After graduate from university I have been working for one year and a half while playing world of warcraft for more than half a year, and also cost a lot of money to get ,and now suddenly I find that if the university student play world of warcraft before they have graduated from university will be very usefull,which at least can have some help to their employment after graduation.

Good one: how to treat choice

In recent years, no matter what major you fix in the university, you can face various jobs after your graduation,but what is actually the most suitable job for ourself can really be a big problem which make our head in a mess. Just as in the world of warcraft you can choose to creat different characters or use wow gold to buy different equipment. Choosing what kind of characters or professionals or using wow gold to buy what kind of equipment can also let people worry.Genelly,when people choose a job they always think of their own major in the university or their own interest. It’s just like that when you’re building a character, you have to first select a professional or first select a race.And before all that the most important thing is that you choose what faction, venture/part-time job, tribal/alliance.However,from the result’s perspective, there is little difference.And the difference only lies in that on one side you may be expected to be a President, but on the other side you may have hope to be a CEO,or you may become the shaman or also juest become paladins.While the other most of the majority are only just a dozen of the other. Again let’s back to the topic of choosing a suitable job, generally speaking,it is like this, according to their own specialty starting looking for a job, just as after you have chosen the racial and now to choose occupation then you are able to do tasks to get yourself wow gold.Let’s give some examples : you chose dwarves, roer specialization, that is to do a hunter’s material,and you choose the tauren, it seems, to prevent wars you are the most suitable one.However the results of this kind may be not always the perfect at last, because in fact different collocation often have unexpected advantages, such as gnome or dead that are generally considered not suitable to be warriors may just have advantage in melee professional control skills.And on the other hand, finding a work considering one’s interest is just like that to choose one’s favorite occupation, choose races that oneself is pleased with, and then they are able to play their own game happily and enjoy the full entertainment. 

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