Albion Online: Expeditions, Guardians As Well As New Worlds

Albion Online, the creators of the German studio Sandbox Interactive are constantly working on their debut productions. In last summer, Albion Online was several tested. In this year, as a huge update, Galahad was launched on 13 March, it brought a brand new world layout. For Albion Online update Galahad, U4GM has been introduced a lot of details:


The creators justify the decision to restart the world of Albion Online with a great deal of novelty introduced in the update. We can count on changes in artificial intelligence, modified map and overall balance of the game as well as several major additions: new worlds (Ravens and Royal Continent), expeditions (short PvE missions) and Guardians (huge world bosses guarding valuable fields).

As the debut project of the German studio Sandbox Interactive. Albion Online, set in a fantasy world that is reminiscent of the Middle Ages. This production is a sandbox, which means that the overwhelming majority of events and the economy of the game are driven primarily by players.

Objects and buildings are created by users, and the coolest of them – in collaboration with members of their guilds – can also build their own villages. Built-in workshops and lockers can be rented to other players so that the game does not necessarily have to focus on fighting. The best place to buy cheap albion online gold? gamers have a common choice: U4GM.

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