Ancient Prison

Nex is one of Zaros’ most powerful weapons of war and until recently lay frozen in the ancient prison behind the frozen door of the God Wars dungeon. To reach Nex players will need to collect the pieces of the frozen key which are dropped by the followers in each of the Gods’ stronghods. Once the key has been recreated it will allow access to the Frozen Door and the Ancient Prison where Nex awaits. Nex is considered the most dangerous monster in RuneScape having a variety of special attacks and a maximum hit of over 850. Alongside Nex are her four servants, the ancient mages Fumus, Umbra, Cruor and Glacies. Each of these mages channels power to Nex, and in the course of battle you must defeat each one in turn before you can finally kill Nex. Those who can brave the danger and reach Nex however will find a variety of valuable rewards that cannot be found anywhere else in the game.
Nex is a highly intelligent monster, possessing a vast repertoire of special attacks. She also sports unique combat mechanics far above the capacity of other inferior creatures. Learning Nex’s mechanics is vital to efficiently killing her and ensuring your own survival.

Nex’s aggression operates on several variables, which are the effective Magic defence of a player, comprising Magic level, Defence level, Magic Defence equipment bonus, and any defence bonuses from active prayers, and the player’s distance from Nex. Nex identifies her primary target based on a combination of both of these elements; she first seeks out the player at the furthest distance from her, or if all players are at the same distance (usually melee reach), she will then target the player with the lowest effective Magic defence.

Nex also has the ability to jump around the room, covering large distances in almost no time. If Nex is unable to attack her target for a duration of time, she will either jump towards or away from the target – either to the centre of the chamber, the corners in front of each ancient mage, or the end of each of the lanes in the chamber. You can make use of this mechanic throughout the various phases, forcing Nex into more desirable locations.

The battle with Nex is conducted in five phases, each one triggered by Nex losing one-fifth of her lifepoints and one of the ancient mages being killed. During the battle Nex will use her standard melee, magic, and ranged attacks in addition to several phase specific attacks.

Nex’s attacks follow a pattern of relative predictability. A general rule is that she will use one of her special attacks, followed by four standard attacks, before then using her other special attack. This allows you to roughly anticipate and avoid several of her deadlier special attacks, which is crucial to being able to efficiently kill Nex. The tables below describe her standard and special attacks for each phase in detail; select a phase to display its attacks. 

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