Armadyl’s Eyrie

Kree’arra, although the lowest levelled of the God Wars bosses, has the highest max hit, an impressive 690 using ranged. He can also hit up to 500 with melee, and up to 250 with magic. However, he will only use his melee attack if no-one is currently attacking him, so melee attacks usually aren’t much of a problem in groups. His magic and ranged attacks are performed at the same time, and hit every player in the room. Kree’arra’s minions each attack with their own combat style, similar to the other boss rooms in the God Wars Dungeon. It should be noted that the ranged minion Flockleader Geerin hits the highest and the most often compared to Flight Kilisa (melee), and Wingman Skree (magic). Prized drops from Kree’Arra and his minions include Armadyl ranged armour, Armadyl Godsword hilt, and godsword shards. To enter Armadyl’s Eyrie you must have level 70 ranged and use a mithril grapple (with a crossbow) to cross the gap. All of Armadyl’s minions fly too high to be attacked using melee weapons.
Ranged/Magic: This combination attack is the primary attack used by Kree’arra. As previously noted, the ranged damage is considerably higher than the magic damage. This attack also has a chance to push your character away from Kree’arra.
Melee: This attack is a secondary attack used by Kree’arra only when not under attack. To prevent Kree’arra from meleeing, simply keep attacking.
You can get killcount either inside or outside of the Eyrie. Pray ranged and kill aviansies, preferably the lower levelled ones. They drop noted adamantite bars fairly often, which can often fund part of your trip. Aviansies to the east of the chasm require a Saradomin item. Getting killcount inside the Eyrie, you will only need an Armadyl or Nex item if you lure the Gorak as shown below. Using Zamorak’s unholy book is also an option. This keeps Zamorak’s creatures unaggressive, and can speed up killcount slightly, but at the cost of an inventory space.
When fighting in a team, this boss’s attacks hit everyone in the room. Kree’arra will only use melee while not being attacked by anyone: this occurs very rarely in a team. Always pray ranged, and emphasize ranged attack and magic defence, as well as prayer bonus. You can use enchanted ruby bolts for the first half of Kree’arra and then switch to enchanted diamond bolts, or just use diamonds throughout the fight. Kill the minions in any order (usually Wingman Skree – magic, then Flockleader Geerin – ranged, and finally Flight Kilisa – melee) praying appropriately. Kree’arra’s minions, unlike other minions, do not switch targets while Kree is alive. They attack during the kill at random, and afterwards attack whoever is attacking them, instead of whoever dealt the last damage to Kree. Pray ranged before Kree spawns: the first attack without protection can be deadly, especially combined with the minion’s attacks. It is helpful to stand under the spot Kree’arra spawns, as this makes him move around before attacking, giving yourself and others extra time to turn on prayers.
Solo Armadyl has both drawbacks and benefits over teams. It’s much easier to start a trip, and you get to keep all your drops yourself, although your trips are much shorter, and usually more expensive. There are also higher requirements, and Kree’arra’s melee attack is used much more often when only one person is in the room.

Recommended Levels:

95+ Ranged
90+ Defence
90+ Prayer
96+ Summoning
90+ Magic
The strategy is different than in a team. Kree’arra only uses his melee attack when there is no-one attacking him, which means that whenever you drink a potion, you may be attacked by melee. While eating, you should take a few steps away if he is close to you, sticking close to the walls, and attack him as soon as you can. Try not to let him melee you to avoid taking high damage. The recommended equipment is the same.

Praying Rigour/Leech Ranged or other boosting prayers will help you suffer less damage and kill Kree’arra faster. Using these prayers is always better than not, unless of course you are low on prayer potions. Using a summoned familiar helps the most during solo runs: you can use a Steel Titan to get much faster killcount and minion kills, a Pack Yak to greatly increase your inventory, or a Unicorn Stallion for greater healing.
While fighting as a team in this multicombat area, use the LootShare chat system to ensure honest reporting of monster drops. Not only will this system report your team’s drops for everybody within the chat (with at least the minimum set rank), but will also increase each individual’s chances of getting drops, opposed to drops being limited to only one or a few individuals who consistently do the most damage.

To have a chance at the drops from the LootShare system, you must be within 16 squares of the killed monster. Also make sure that your rank is set high enough to have a chance for team drops if you are in a team using LootShare.

If the Clan Chat owner has the Coinshare option enabled, all those entitled to receive lootshare drops will have it activated. Coinshare is applied only to certain drops. The drop will be converted to coins and all lootshare members will receive an equal split if Kree’arra or any of his minions drop any of these items:

Godsword shard 1, 2, or 3
Armadyl helmet, chestplate, or chainskirt
Armadyl hilt
Dragon dagger
Dragon helm
Dragon spear
Shield left half (dragon)
Remember that you need to be in a world with LootShare enabled in order to use it. You can check which worlds are suitable through the Lobby interface as you log in to the game. 

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