Bill Murphy : Bill’s Best of 2012Bill Murphy : Bill’s Best of 2012





2012 is nearly over and it’s always fun to take a look back at the games that we spent lots of hours enjoying. We’ll be spending this week talking about the games that we, the staff of, caught our attention in the year that was. As ever, join the conversation in the comments. First up, Managing Editor Bill Murphy’s list.




Yes, it’s not out yet, but you can buy your way into the beta as a founder so what do we call that? Sort of released? Either way, I’ve been playing Firefall for almost the entirety of 2012, and it’s been a privilege to watch it grow as a game in that time. When I first started in the beta, it was barely a shell of the game it’s become in recent months. I know our Mike Bitton loves him some Planetside 2, but for me? I like to mix my PVE and PVP in the shooters I play, and Firefall allows me that choice.  With an overworld that is set to be uncovered and discovered by player’s actions, and an ingenious leveling mechanic, there’s a lot of originality in Red5’s inaugural title.  Firefall is still rough around the edges, but as it nears launch in 2013, I can’t wait to see where it ends up.


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