Blizzard has an attempt to the integration of PvP and PvE in MOP

First of all, you can not rule out the possibility that many players really love PvP all select new talent model does also can play a role in PvP. In the Panda mystery of World of Warcraft, we try a great step forward towards the integration of PvP and PvE, so even if you do not care about PvP, and will certainly be able to find WOW Gold you’re interested.

Secondly, many team leaders do not trap, but mobs apparently can copy. For years, we rarely designed like Patchwerk fight. The ability to control field mobile acceleration, shield wall, and so can play an important role in all raid bosses. Even in part five copies, you will need these capabilities, unless you equipped enough to crush them. If you are a task players or a very casual players to participate in team. You may not often go to big strokes of the control field skills or defense. That these choices do not produce much attractive.

However, we think this is one of the drawbacks of the World of Warcraft itself. People often complain that our creeps becoming more and more boring. Before then, you can choose to take away a Gnoll camps, or try a single brush one the elite ogre, walked chances Kobold also ran into a patrol. While we do not want to the outdoor upgrade the difficulty becomes cruel mode, but that does not mean that we want to create a triple Sinister solve all the problems in the world. Imagine a cave filled with fragile spider strange. You can choose to rush to put them all away A speed large provoke quickly crossed the heap blame big trick or a life-saving therapy skills to use the defense until it all off each other. When the World of Warcraft players the flexibility to use their skills to solve problems, they feel good about their roles and this game will. More of this mechanism in the wild world is our mission. 

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