Blizzard say 5.0 new talent designed to allow players to choose more

In the new version 5.0 of World of Warcraft Panda mystery, in which we also see some of the concerns of the players on the new model or despise. Therefore, we would like to take this opportunity to explain part of the design concept of the new talent system, and provide a better framework for subsequent feedback.

Now upgrade the speed is very fast, and the reward of the upgrade tasks than before, much better, where you can see more new content can accumulate faster equipment. But this period, very difficult for us after you full level engraved this experience. The most important during the upgrade process, you can continue to receive a variety of new skills. Panda mystery anger hit the skills to direct access, without the need to learn to how to gain WOW Gold safely. Because if you did not point this talent, you made a big mistake. For new skills is not unlimited, especially when our level cap increase, after all, we always can not let each player to play a good game you have to become familiar with the full 4 row action bar. Level cap is too high of a game really have advantages and disadvantages.

Finally, the reality is that the majority of players, World of Warcraft has become a full level-based game. All professional trumpet system of hegemony in the past, is a very attractive play. However, most of the old players, now go build a second Master number is not a very interesting thing. Hope that the the account universal achievements in the MoP allow this situation to improve. But at the same time, even in the future, I do not think we can count on the long-term players can have more than thirty trumpet. Many people say that this new talent system is more ready for the full level players, which is true. These players has become the subject of World of Warcraft players. We currently do not design good the future those monks players upgrade route, but the thought of them again experienced once the root of all evil Hellfire Peninsula I stomachache. 

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