EA Sports Released A New Story Mode in Oregon

We have talked about the new play mode in last article, and it is the first story mode in Madden series, So EA sports released a new story mode in Oregon on weekend. After further understanding of the story mode, it turns out that it is much less than it was.

On the weekend, EA Sports released a beautiful graffiti trailer, in the upcoming Madden 18 opened the first story mode. This is the first of Madden franchise stores, followed by the footsteps of the crazy NBA 2K17 story mode, as well as the story mode at the MLB show.



The story pattern seems to follow most of the basic plot lines, first as a high school soccer player, first of all causing the university’s attention, followed by the NFL scout.

If you want to know how Madden can use a college team without being sued, SB Nation has already answered. Basically, individual schools can sell their image, so Madden is running. Madden can not do is use the player’s image (yes we all know that “QB # 8″ is really Marcus Mariota, so let’s stop pretending not), which is the whole premise of the NCAA football franchise.

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