The strongest guild war Revelation Online new Guild League jiqiangkaida

“The day” the encyclical guild League for many game player impressed in the game’s first occupation piece of information “,” shadow industry cycle “day” Oracle launched a new cross service against the guild League game between the strongest guild, will bring a series of colorful events.

Compared to the old version of the league, the new version of the original dragon, White Tiger Group on the basis of the League to join the matching mechanism, before the integration of the system into the legion. The guild of the same server, is equivalent to a whole legion, the first match by a match. The final qualifying top in the guild, as a representative of the service will be the elite force, engaged in other server inter service battle team. The first two rounds of the game is in the internal server, for the four teams, they will be with the national war, the final showdown game player.

Old League league is limited to the players of the server, and in the new version of the league, inter service duel mode allows players to watch more high-quality games. At the same time, as the participating teams are the top PVP players in the game, their team configuration, teamwork, battlefield command, will bring more gains for the players.

The new version of the league’s most exciting aspect, is undoubtedly the final round of the finals, the top eight teams composed of the top two teams of the team, will be staged a battle of the king. The League of the United States and the United States and the United States in the battle system, but also to provide them with an excellent stage. The team can according to the fighting and terrain, develop different tactics and team replacement. The event rewards are very rich, not only a large number of national contributions, bizconf notes and other items, the team have a chance to win the super rare wings – Fengxiang tianyi.

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