Cinematics and YouCinematics and You


The Arena.Net Guild Wars 2 blog has been updated with an article about cinematics in the game. The goal, according to Audio and Cinematics Programmer James Boer, is to personalize cinematic for players. Interestingly enough, Boer also let out that cinematics will be controlled completely client side–that’s right, from the player’s computer rather than on the game server. Those who love nuts and bolts of development will definitely want to check out this article!If you are still finding a legit guild wars 2 Gold Seller which can offer you Cheap guild wars 2 Gold. You really need to check our company. Buy guild wars 2 Gold from here can save your money a big time, as well as give you a chance to win Free guild wars 2 Gold.

We’ve also incorporated some other interesting features, such as dynamically branching cinematics. For instance, a cinematic might start the same for all players, but based on certain criteria—let’s say the choices a player made earlier in a mission—the scene might end in several different ways. This means that we’ll be able to provide a cinematic experience tuned for a specific player’s character. The cinematic engine can do something as simple as swapping out a single line of dialogue, or as complex as branching the entire scene. And of course, because we’re rendering these cinematics in real-time, you’ll see your character inside the cinematic, as an integral part of the story



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