Color Choice Added to RuneScape

We have the cheapest RuneScape gold for sale! We are a professional seller who provides you cheap order as well as the fastest news resource!RuneScape has made another change to enhance the RuneScape gameplay experience for F2P RuneScape players. This change consists in adding 100 more slots to the friends’list for F2P RuneScape players.
It used to be that only RuneScape members could have up to 200 players on their friends lists, while F2P RuneScape players were limited to having 100 friends. This update allows for 200 players on the friends’ list no matter if they are members or free, basically an addition of 100 friends slots in F2P.
RuneScape has also added a feature where players can choose the color of their private chat. Unfortunately, this can only be done when split chat is on, where the words appear above the chatbox. When opting to have private messages appear only in the chatbox, they remain red, and can still be confused easily with clan chat messages.
There are three factions in the triumvirate system; these factions are the Lords, the Judges, and the Reavers. All three factions compete with each other directly in challenges or indirectly in the game and in the forums, with the objective being to contribute to ones’ faction having a greater influence and dominance over the other two factions. (See RuneScape, guide to gaining influence.)
Lords are known for order, nobility, and duty. Judges take pride in balance and wisdom and try to be neutral. Reavers are about chaos, change, and are more like a band of outlaws. One can see the colors of Saradomin, Guthix, and Zamorak here.
RuneScape players choose a side and contribute to their faction’s dominance. Individual RuneScape players earn points for their contributions and eventually get promoted to where they can make their own challenges.Gold in RuneScape is on hot sale, just get your runescape money with fast delivery. 

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