DDR Never Felt This GoodDDR Never Felt This Good

Social partner-friendly MMO, Lucent Heart, is getting ready to expand in lots of interesting new ways. MMORPG.com’s Joseph Sanicky has a preview of the new features being included in the expansion. Check our Joe’s thoughts about new dance moves and more. Leave us a comment or two when you’re finished reading!

Oh yes, dance contests! The newest content expansion not only boosted the level cap and introduced new zones and bosses, but also added in a dance system robust enough to stagger even the most seasoned dance master. The range of activities belonging to dancing stems from the simple preset dances to custom-themed variants of said stock songs, to imported music that the player selects from their very own hard drive and even player versus player dance battles! These dance battles appear in a few different flavors ranging from personal challenges to server wide dance-offs that have the entire population dancing DDR-style! Ludicrous you say? Extremely! Ludicrously fun.




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