Diablo 3 Monk Guide


This Diablo 3 Monk guide entry will talk about the fundamentals and the most effective tricks for handling the Monk and the latest information about the class. So if you’re the kind of RPG gamer who likes to be in the heat of the battle, inflict tons of damage with combination attacks fast, and still have the versatility to jump out of trouble and heal yourself or your teammates, then this is a must-read for you.

As one of the two melee classes in the game, the monk is designed to stand toe-to-toe with its enemies. Based on the Beta Test version, game play videos and its skill tree, Monk yield both massive single-target specializations  and area-of-effect. Many people who have played the Beta Test version of the game says Monk is one of the most boring classes to play. Some gamers even say that it’s relatively weak and slow for a melee class. Well, to tell you frankly, those gamers really don’t understand this class. Monk is equally good, and it’s quite obvious the Blizzard is making the game better for everyone by balancing all the classes.

Combo:Combination of attacks is what make Monks really good class to play in close-quarter combats. You can control mobs and beat named demons and bosses with the right combos or sequence of attacks fast, giving you a good boost in your leveling. The efficacy of Monk’s combo attack works like the “super meter” in arcade fighters, it is built up from good combos, giving the Monk a good chance to unleash more high damaging abilities. The combo system has three stages on its chain, allowing it to use variety of combos all together. Though this system may appeal daunting and too intricate at first, combo chains will take long time before resetting, it doesn’t really require deep understanding of the system, as it allow Monk users from any skill levels to make good use of them in Diablo 3.

However, it is important to note that Monk’s Spirit is static, it doesn’t generate and degenerate. It is the punching and killing of opponents that builds Spirit and most Monk skills are spent on it. This system is different from the Barbarian’s Fury, as Barbarian builds its Fury system by both attacking and taking hits, and depletes when Barb remains out of combat for long minutes. In contrast, the built up Spirit of the Monk remains stored until the Monk is ready to use it.


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