Dwarves are interested in uncovering their enchanted past

The bold and courageous dwarves are an ancient race descended from the earthen—beings of living stone created by the titans when the world was young. Due to a strange malady known as the curse of flesh, the dwarves’ earthen progenitors underwent a transformation that turned their rocky hides into soft skin. Ultimately, these creatures of flesh and blood dubbed themselves dwarves and carved out the mighty city of Iron forge in the snowy peaks of Khaz Modan. When the orcish Horde invaded Azeroth, Iron forge’s dwarves offered to join the Grand Alliance. Led by King Magni Bronze beard, the city’s resilient inhabitants proved to be the backbone of the Alliance forces, helping to secure victory after victory against the orcs.

Ever since that time, Iron forge’s dwarves have remained an invaluable part of the Alliance. Apart from reveling in the prospect of battle, the dwarves have long been interested in uncovering the truth of their enchanted past. Due to the efforts of dwarves archeologists scattered throughout the world, much has been learned about the race’s origins and the curse of flesh that afflicted the earthen. Many mysteries still remain, however, and the dwarves have continued excavating Azeroth’s ancient sites for answers. Most recently, a twist of fate has drawn the rival clans back to Iron forge after they’d spent centuries apart.

In the power vacuum that followed, his estranged daughter, Moira, who had married into the much despised Dark Iron clan, briefly claimed Iron forge’s throne and effectively locked down the city. If not for the intervention of King Varian Wrynn of Storm wind and his son, Prince Anduin, her brash actions might have sparked another civil war. With Varian’s guidance, control of Iron forge has since been divided equally among the Bronze beard, Wild hammer, and Dark Iron clans through the Council of Three Hammers. Yet as bitterness and prejudice fester among the clans, the council’s ability to govern as one remains uncertain. If you have any problems about wow gold buying, please contact our live chat for help. We always dedicate to offer you a smooth and pleasant World of warcraft gold and wow powerleveling buying experience from our website. 

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