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Join Our Seventh Anniversary Celebration! 23 April 2012
To celebrate the seventh anniversary of Guild Wars, we’re hosting an in-game party—and you’re invited! Two weeks full of games, sugary treats, and anniversary surprises starts at noon Pacific on April 24. Check out our anniversary page for more details! 
Experience the final chapter of Winds of Change! 9 February 2012
Battle for the fate of Cantha in the final chapter of Winds of Change, a sweeping saga that features new quests, history-making battles, and Canthan costumes! Learn more at our Winds of Change page! 
The Canthan New Year is nearly here! 28 January 2012
The Year of the Dragon is upon us! Hop over to the Canthan New Year’s Festival web page and take in of all the fantastic stuff we have planned for this year. The festivities begin on Thursday, February 2nd and wrap up on Monday, February 6th. 
Wintersday Cheer is Here! 15 December 2011
Prepare for two weeks of holiday fun – Wintersday is here! The annual in-game festivities run from December 15 to January 2, and this year we’re featuring two brand new costumes! Learn more at our Wintersday 2011 web page. 
Halloween is Coming! 20 October 2011
Halloween is coming to Tyria, so prepare for 13 days of mischief and mayhem, courtesy of Mad King Thorn and his Lunatic Court! The Halloween festival starts on Thursday, October 20, at noon Pacific daylight time (-7 GMT) and runs until 12:01 a.m. on November 2. This year we’re offering two spooky new costumes: the Vale Wraith and Ravenheart Witchwear. As always, Mad King Thorn himself will make a series of appearances on October 31! Be there—but beware! Head over to the Halloween 2011 page for the details! 
Return to Cantha with Winds of Change Part 2 29 September 2011
Experience the second phase of the three-part Winds of Change storyline – now live in-game. Battle for the soul of Cantha with all new-content, and check out our updated Winds of Change web page right here! 
Beat the Heat with Wintersday in July 14 July 2011
Summer is in full swing, but there’s a chance to cool off in Tyria during Wintersday in July. This year, as a special treat, those who spend the weekend slinging snowballs can do so in their favorite costumes and festival hats! Join us, starting at noon Pacific (-7 GMT), and find out just how refreshing it is to drink an eggnog in the summer sun. See the event page for more details. 
Winds of Change – New Storyline! New Costumes! 11 July 2011
Winds of Change is a multi-stage storyline set in Cantha that features new quests, new Canthan costumes, and history-making battles. 

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