FFXIV screenshot challenge

This week’s screenshot challenge should be a cinch: I’d like you to take a picture of your character lounging or hanging out in a local tavern. I don’t think you’ll have a problem finding one of those, will you now? Remember, special One Shots star stickers can be yours for the best screenshots!

“I took advantage of FFXIV’s free playing time to take some pretty screenshots,” he said. “My character is Arckes Liez, from the Japanese server Ixion. ff14 gil Here is a shot to showcase the beautiful world Square-Enix has designed. It’s generally very serene, despite all of the murderous creatures running amok. And then there are just superb locations, like this one. Carbuncle is not impressed.”

I recently posed an underwater screenshot challenge, and reader Becca rose to the occasion. She gets the One Shots silver star, which grants her a value-sized soft drink and small fries at Poppa McNuffin’s Chow Shack. Ignore the dog in front of the door, Becca; he’s all bark and only a very little bite. Probably want to have your rabies vaccinations up to date, though.

Becca sets the scene: “While I really dislike putting Vanguard’s bugs on display, they were so hilarious at times that I just had to take screenshots. In the lower left-hand corner is my boat, the proud Death Betty, riding the ocean floor despite my character furiously spamming her /bailwater emote.”

Everyone having fun tackling Taco in Guild Wars 2? Just remember the rallying cry, “If it’s overflow, it’s going to fail!” That always brings a tear to my eye.

Reader Christian has this jaw-dropping photo from that fight: “I’ve always liked the world boss fights even though they get a lot of flack from other players. This screenie is of my Elementalist (and everyone else) running for her life after getting hit by Tequatl the Sunless’ Fear spell. It also looks like we’re running away from his bad breath. Really, even the dog was running away.”

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