FFXIV Spell lock use result

Spell lock with multi-attribute attack magic and a small amount of auxiliary skills, although less blood low, but there is no doubt is one of the strongest professional remote output. Prestige classes for the dark monks, can increase the number of strengthen the skills of magic power, make the output capacity was further improved. Advanced conditions for spell lock level 30, fighter, 15.

Ice attribute magic, primary magic, hurt not the highest, but can acquire the properties of MP quick reply at the same time have the effect of slowing the enemy’s movement speed.

Fire magic spell lock the main output skill, the effect of its properties for continuous use, the more damage is higher, the more consumption of MP.

Property transfer, can convert current attribute to relative properties, used for MP output response properties of ice and fire attribute conversion between.

Ray attribute magic, base damage is low, but can be continuous damage over 12 seconds also nots allow to despise, special effects for 5% chance next time using ray attributes series magic MP consumption is 0.

Secondary skills, the effect of 10 seconds, use the magic once can not be interrupted.

Sleep is the enemy magic, asleep, temporarily can’t action. Effect of time usage for 30 seconds, respectively, in accordance with 15 seconds, 7 seconds. Reset after a certain period of time.

Intermediate ice magic, wide range of magic, attributes with primary ice magic effect.

No attribute magic, obtained after 15 professional task, basic attack is very low, special effects for 20% chance to hurt 2 times.

Intermediate fire magic, wide range of magic, property effects with primary fire magic.

Intermediate thunder magic, with primary thunder magic effect.

Secondary skills, the effect for 10 seconds using a magic didn’t sing time.

Secondary skills, the effect of 20 seconds can offset the biggest HP15 % spell damage.

The basic method of output: FFXIV the concept of version 2.0 there is no weakness properties, so the output Suggestions are preferred to use fire magic, when MP cost to cannot use fire magic again use property transfer, when converted to ice attribute, use ice attribute magic attack reply MP, can be used during the thunder magic to increase output. MP usually 5-10 seconds can fully recover, after recovery are converted to fire continued to attack. If the enemy is too many, you can use the magic of sleep, let the enemy cannot move, and then break in turn. Recommendations can be learned magic psion class as soon as possible, this profession has HP reduce magic replies and physical damage, the two magic mantra warlock can greatly improve the chances of survival. Magic sorcerer also has lower MND improve INT auxiliary skills, can be the output of the more significant.

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