FIFA 15 Barcelona Did Not Forget To Give Back To Society

Located in Casablanca Barcelona football schools will be opened, focusing on the training of children 5-15 years old.

Barcelona football school located in Monaco and blue sing Casablanca
Barcelona Soccer School will help those vulnerable children from poor families Ultimate Team.

FC Barcelona Wallpaper
Barcelona football school located in Monaco and blue sing Casablanca January next year, Barcelona soccer school will be officially opened in Monaco, this is the first time in the Barcelona youth organizations in this country and throughout North Africa settled. Barcelona soccer school will be set up in the famous North African city of Casablanca, La Masia youth system will be replicated in that agency, the local young players will learn the concept of Barcelona in the technology and tactics, and the leader of them will hopefully Pixuansongdao Barcelona.

Headquartered in Casablanca Barcelona football school will focus on training the 5-15 year-old children. This project is part of a global development program of Barcelona. The new school will open its doors in January next year to meet the students, Dean Harvey – Myers said: “We are very pleased, because this is not only a place where football talent is more important is to have a lot of support for the people of Barcelona. “
Barcelona football school at the same time committed to helping disadvantaged children.

Barcelona did not forget to give back to the community this kind of action deserves our applause, you also can support such a team in games, come to our website to buy FIFA 15 coins, as they come to the game.

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