FIFA 15 New Heroes: Youth Christian Eriksen

On Saturday, in Tottenham’s 2-1 win over Burnley, Christian – Eriksson indirectly instigated Harry – Kane’s goal to break the deadlock. Spurs was because someone – Michael Keane once controversial handball and get a free kick opportunity, Kane wants to immediately start the game fast kick. He crossed the ball to Sven-Goran Eriksson, but the former did not realize at the time Eriksson was standing in an offside position. Subsequently, the Danes did not move the ball to a teammate leak, so he did not interfere with the attack.

Player Focus: Christian Eriksen Fulfilling his Potential for Spurs

Nasser – Chudleigh react quickly, the rest of the crosses and goals as you said, have become history. Eric – Lamela could remember because that gorgeous curveball and praised, the goal to help the Spurs win. But Eriksson also has a wonderful play, but was lacking in the direct contribution of luck on goals or assists. The 22-year-old midfielder in the game to win Burnley sent eight key passes, which is the Premier League this season, the highest single-game passing record key number.

Two years ago, that summer, Gareth – Bell after a record worth joining Real Madrid, Tottenham signed seven players in one breath. In these seven persons, Eriksson’s performance has been the best, it is the poor performance of several other. Chedli and Lamela after finally adapt to North London, began revealing its own strength, but better than both of them, but former Ajax star style. All players in Tottenham, Eriksson ranked player in the Premier League this season, scoring the highest WhoScored, reached 7.30 points.

Although Eriksson assists this season, only one, or get in the game against Swansea, but that does not mean he does not strive. The key number of passes (42) this season is much higher than other Tottenham players, the closest he is Lamela 28 times. So you can be sure that his assists data lifted just a matter of time.

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