Five Things TERA Got Right Five Things TERA Got Right





TERA has been out on the market for about six months now and has been making steady progress with new content and features being added. In The List today, we take a look at five things that TERA did very well. See what you think before adding your items to The List in the comments.


I’ve been thinking about TERA lately, with their recent Halloween festivities and studio staff shifting. And what’s nice about my memories of TERA is that I had a damned good time while I was there.  I don’t feel a strong pull to return, but I can say I would if the title were to ever go free (which may not be far off for all we know).  It wasn’t the perfect MMO, and many of its features felt too dated for me to truly get rooted in Arborea, but there were a surprising number of things En Masse and Blue Hole did quite well, and I thought for this week’s list we’d recount those facets.  Read on, and leave us a comment to say if you agree or disagree!


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