From the searing heat of Sorrow’s Embrace to the grandiose halls of Caudecus’s Manor From the searing heat of Sorrow’s Embrace to the grandiose halls of Caudecus’s Manor


Dungeons are huge, private adventure areas that only teams of high-level players dare explore. The risks are immense but the rewards are great for those who brave the hazards of the dungeons of Tyria.

Each dungeon is divided into story mode, which features a gripping plot and fearsome opponents, and explorable mode, where players can access even more challenging content with new goals and obstacles.

During your first visit to a dungeon, you’ll experience story mode, which focuses on the ongoing saga of the iconic members of the legendary band of adventurers, Destiny’s Edge. In the Twilight Arbor dungeon, for instance, your party will join forces with the famed sylvari thief Caithe in a deadly clash against the evil sylvari of the Nightmare Court.

If your party successfully completes Twilight Arbor or any dungeon’s story mode, you’ll unlock the explorable mode. Your party chooses which of three approaches you’ll use to tackle the dungeon. Each of these three options creates a different version of the dungeon, with new areas, new challenges, and new and more difficult creatures. In both modes, dungeons have dynamic events that can be triggered by player actions, by location, or even by random chance. Combined with the range of strategic options available to players, these dynamic events ensure a different gaming experience each time you enter a dungeon.

There are tremendous risks for those who brave the dungeons in Guild Wars 2, but the rewards are great—each dungeon has its own unique armors and weapons that can’t be found anywhere else. The armor from the Ascalonian Catacombs is different from what you’ll find in Sorrow’s Embrace, which is different from the treasure found in Caudecus’s Manor.

Dungeons in Guild Wars 2 reward players who enjoy organized parties, epic challenges, and delving deeper into the secrets of Tyria.


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