Get A Pair of Dominion Gloves

Goliath gloves are a set of degradable gloves that require 80 attack to wear and were released with the Dominion Tower on November 1 2011. If you want to buy cheap RS Gold, you will be making a huge mistake if you miss us! More than favorable price, you can also enjoy fast delivery anytime you come to us.

These gloves are the most powerful gloves in the game for melee, surpassing the barrows gloves obtained from Recipe for Disaster by two attack points in every attack style except ranged and magic, for a total of 14, as well as one more strength point for a total of 13.

On top of this, they also beat the Dragon Gauntlets obtained from Fist of Guthix in defensive boost on all stats except Summoning and Ranged Defense.

Spellcaster gloves are a set of degradable gloves that can be acquired in the Dominion Tower. They offer the highest mage attack bonuses in the game for any gloves beating even the Infinity Gloves and Barrows Gloves; however, they offer substantially lower defenses and other attack bonuses compared to the Barrows Gloves. 

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