Groups of three, four, or five combatants can compete

In this week’s Wayback Wednesday, Rob is joined by EverQuest II Producer Holly Longdale and Designer Akil Hooper for a terrific tour of the latest expansion, Chains of Eternity. The discussion centers around the release of Chains and the lore introduced into the game. Check it out!

Without a doubt my favorite part of the tour was Wurmbone’s End and Wurmbone’s Crag. The level of detail in this area surpassed anything else I noticed in game. The background ratmen running the roofs of the gulch and jumping from point to point doing their best parkour added that special touch to keeps players going back to zones again and again. Also, how cool are giant ratmen that get stronger at night and survive by hunting and eating the marrow out of dragon bones? Everything from the bones acting as support structures for the caves to the twin snakemen holding a giant crystal (38:40) worked together to make this one of my favorite zones in EQ2.


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Neowiz’  War of Angels launched its “Bloody Arena” update this past week. Players can log in as of 10/17 and compete in PVP matches for pvp weapons, armor, and “blood money”.  Groups of three, four, or five combatants can compete against each other in these matches.  And two brand new sets of armor and weapons can be bought with the blood money.

The rules of the Bloody Arena are simple – two teams enter, one team leaves. Groups of three, four or five combatants, above level forty are eligible to enter the arena by talking to the Combat Broker in the main city of Enes. Anything goes in the battleground, and combat doesn’t stop until one team is eliminated. However, it’s not over ’till it’s over: fallen teammates can continue to contribute to the battle by lashing out with melee attacks on opponents from holding cells on the perimeter of the arena, where they must remain until one side is completely wiped out.


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