Guild Wars 2 : A Living, Breathing, Dynamic WorldGuild Wars 2 : A Living, Breathing, Dynamic World


The Guild Wars 2 blog has been updated with a new post that gives players a bit of insight into how ArenaNet plans to keep Tyria a living, breathing, dynamic world. To do so, rather than have just one live team, ArenaNet has created several teams to keep the game fresh, constantly updated and much more.

  • Live Security Team: Chasing down botters, account hacks and spammers
  • Live Response: Addresses balance issues, game bugs, customer feedback
  • Living World: Charged with creating new content
  • PvP / eSports: Creates a competitive PvP atmosphere and charged with creating new PvP features
  • Holidays and Events: Creating new events, both in out of game
  • Mac & Performance: Improving the Mac client and making sure GW2 can be played on the widest variety of systems possible
  • Bonus teams: The mystery folks created as needed


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