Guild Wars 2 : Colin Johanson on the Live Teams & the FutureGuild Wars 2 : Colin Johanson on the Live Teams & the Future

Last week, ArenaNet announced that there would not be just one Guild Wars 2 Live Team to keep the world fresh and functioning. We were told that there would be SIX (or more as needed)! We caught up with Colin Johanson to talk about the Live Teams and how they will function and what they will bring to Guild Wars 2. Read on!  Congrats on such a successful launch, Colin.  Before we get to the “future plans” for Guild Wars 2, can you share with us what the team sees as the biggest current pressing issue in the live game, and what are you all doing to remedy it?

Colin Johanson: Thank you very much! It has been incredible and humbling to see so many people pour into the game, and how positive the reviews and feedback on the game have been so far. Of course with an MMO, once the game ships is when your work has really only begun, which leads me to the answer to your question….

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