Guild Wars 2 : February’s Flame and Frost Update DetailedGuild Wars 2 : February’s Flame and Frost Update Detailed


With the Guild Wars 2 live event ready to start in a couple weeks, we managed to sit down with Game Director Colin Johanson to talk about Flame & Frost and what it will bring to the game. Check out our exclusive interview before heading to the comments to continue the discussion.
MMORPG: Can we touch base on the Two-Team PVP stuff?  I’m not huge on sPVP, so consider me a layperson and speak to me in small words about what it means.

COLIN: It…is…more…gooder.

Slightly less simplified: two teams fight, we have ratings that track how well the players do, and the game uses matchmaking based on those ratings to determine which teams fight. In the future, we’ll use those ratings to show the best PvP players in the world based on their rating on our leaderboards.



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