Guild Wars 2 takes a completely different approach to the ‘multi-player’Guild Wars 2 takes a completely different approach to the ‘multi-player’

For a lot of people who are still undecided about Guild Wars 2, the first game in the franchise can be a hindrance to that decision. As hard as it might be to believe, not everyone liked the first Guild Wars. Some lamented the fact that all of its explorable zones were instanced (allowing only the player and an optional small party to actually play together). Others got overwhelmed with the staggering number of skill choices for each class – a feature that created a very steep learning curve for those coming into the game later in its life-cycle.
And as far as gameplay is concerned, it’s hard to imagine how two games could be so different and still belong in the same (or similar) genre!
Guild Wars 1 was defined by the developers as a “Competitive Online Role-Playing Game”. The label “MMO” wasn’t actually appropriate for Guild Wars because all of the action took place in instanced zones. That meant that if you wanted to go kill enemies, you did it by yourself. You could take a few friends with you, if you had any, but you would never see other players off in the distance hacking away at the bad guys. When you entered an explorable zone, it was just you and whoever you brought with you.
Guild Wars 2 takes a completely different approach to the ‘multi-player’ aspect of the term ‘MMO’. It offers a completely persistent world where other players are visible at almost all times (there are still some instanced portions of the game, but they are all centered on your character’s personal story, and even then you can bring friends along for the ride). 

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