Guild Wars 2 : The Engineer PreviewGuild Wars 2 : The Engineer Preview


After spending a good number of hours playing the last Guild Wars 2 beta, our editors have some thoughts about each of the game’s professions. In today’s preview, we take a look at the Engineer. Check it out!
Most of my time during the recent Guild Wars 2 Closed Beta weekend was spent with my Norn Engineer. I couldn’t get enough of the guy once I realized how many wicked choices to lay down destruction he had. The Engineer is all about traps, bombs, things that go boom and ways to crowd control and burn down your opponents’ health over time. Basically, you’re like Batman but with a utility belt that makes Bruce Wayne look like an underfunded amateur inventor. The class is one that will require a lot of experimentation, but there’s a different flavor of Engineer for everyone too: from pistols to rifles, to turrets, bombs, grenades, flamethrowers, and more. It’ll take some time for you to find your niche, but the beauty is… you never have to pick just one. The ability to swap between toolkit load-outs makes you a roving death machine and it is glorious.




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