Guild Wars 2 : The Quest for PowerGuild Wars 2 : The Quest for Power



Now that Guild Wars 2 has been out for several months, players are hitting level 80 with their first, and often second, third and fourth, characters and are wondering “What now?” In today’s column, we take a look at that phenomenon. Check it out before lending your voice to the discussion in the comments.
The reason I bring this up is because I feel like ArenaNet has gone in a completely opposite direction with character progression after you’ve reached the level cap.  This time, it seems to just come to a screeching halt.  There are a few items players can try to grab up to gain a bit more strength than the exotic level items can give, but the increase is so minimal that it really isn’t worth the hassle.  ArenaNet seems to stay with their philosophy that items shouldn’t become more important than the character, and they do so by making exotics fairly easy to obtain.  I know a few people that just went and bought them!  This is great, but still Ascended gear was thrown for the Fractal of the Mist dungeon, and it didn’t really add to that never ending quest for power we players crave.  It just made that dungeon a bit easier.




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