Guild wars 2 WvW US server major update

Guild wars 2 “a feature of the play is the grand WVW battlefield (world vs world). Recently, Arenanet company to Guild wars 2 Gold in the official BBS published the WVW coming update changes. I believe that many players must be special attention, below let small make up to you to introduce it.
Add new building notice mode

In order to let the players involved in WVW better to attack and make the right judgment, the game will be added to the new building inform model, that is, for the construction of the building, will expire in the player’s information panel on players notice. But to build is completed judgment, and is in the process of some variable form of final step, so whether the maturity and not a certain time, so to play out the information just inform model.

Forced exit will be more punishment

If there are players in a fight forced to quit, their role will be immediate death, and by the death penalty, the experience value and drop loot will reduce.

Walls and gates shall not be repaired at once

Walls and gates once is destroyed, only when its durability dropped below 10% can be repaired, but not in that way before repair may at any time. This means that the wall is destroyed still retain durability, siege players still can carry on the attack.

New breakout event

Once a team for all camps stronghold fort, WVW will trigger breakout event. In the breakout event, the player on the one hand from the trapped region beckoning, on the other hand, need to develop new stronghold. About breakout event, stylist matt? Victor says so: “once a team lost all their defensive stronghold, it will trigger WVW map breakout event, but the supply is not counted in the camp. The system will send a commander NPC to guide players, and through the map marking guide players to rally. Once the assembly of the number of players meet the requirements, the commander will call out his white yak, yak through to all players with material transportation. The commander lead players destination, and can provide protection to the player to help players who come together to siege, still can give all offensive players with power gain. And when the city was breached, and commander will kill the duke to internal.”

These new changes are WVW in the update of the tip of the iceberg, the official said in January will also have a big action changes, it is not convenient revealed that the official will be gradually released. 

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