Hey, What About the PvP!?Hey, What About the PvP!?



Much like the other aspects of the game, our PvP part of the game also will be growing by leaps and bounds over the course of 2013.

For those more interested in progression in PvP, we’ll be evaluating our PvP reward systems and overhauling the way PvP operates to make it feel more rewarding and exciting and to give reasons to login and compete every day. We’ll be adding systems that make it easier for players who are less competitive to get matched only against people with similar skill sets, and stronger methods for players learning PvP to do so in a safe and fun environment with more information to help their skills grow.

For those more interested in competitive PvP, we’ll be adding the core features required to truly make Guild Wars 2 shine as a competitive game—things like being able to watch other competitors and see major ranked matches to learn how to play better, the ability to host your own custom arenas to setup your own rules and host your own team practices, and visible places for everyone to see rankings of the best teams/players in the world. We also want to make it easier to play games against good opponents, and give the ability to compete in games where ranking matters quickly and easily. Of course, this also means down the road we’ll have major tournaments, prizes, and more to help drive the growth of this competitive PvP community along-side our less hardcore PvP players.


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