How Free-to-Play is Killing Gaming – Part OneHow Free-to-Play is Killing Gaming – Part One


A lot of talk has swirled around the MMO space in the past couple of years about the free to play movement and its effect on the genre as a whole. In a new editorial piece here at, we take a look at the notion that F2P is killing gaming. Check it out and then add your thoughts in the comments.


There’s no doubt that, in the MMO genre especially, that there have been many lapses over the past decade; titles that failed to meet expectations, titles that started strong and withered away, titles that never even made it to their target release date. We’ve seen all sorts of various approaches in the last decade to try and stimulate consumer interest and retain their hearts and minds; everything ranging from contests and giveaways to paid-prize tournaments and pre-order bonuses. Yet, try as they might, there hasn’t been a title that has left a lasting impact on the genre since World of Warcraft came out. In the last 2 years especially, a new trend has begun to arise in the online gaming industry, and that trend is the switch from pay-to-play to free-to-play. I’m writing this article because I believe that free-to-play is slowly-but-surely killing off the industry, and I want to illustrate the problems arising with the free-to-play experience.




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