How to Get WOW Honor Points

Today let’s talk about the WOW Honor points. Some plays those who are not in a fancier of WOW PvP, or the new WOW players who wonder what he can do with WOW Honor points and where he could use them.

WOW Honor points are kind of currency used to buy rewards in WOW game. Just like Emblems or Badges from dungeons, the amount of WOW Honor points you have can be trailed through the currency tab in your character panel. Maybe, a lot of players are going to store up WOW Honor points pretty soon. Unlike other kinds of currency, you can not rob Honor. You can automatically obtain Honor from taking part in killing players or key NPCs of the opponent’s faction. As long as those players or NPCs are too low level to you, they will count as an Honorable Kill (HK).

The amount of WOW Honor points got from each HK changes greatly. It used to be based on the antiquated PvP Rank system, but now that those ranks are only decorative, the base Honor gained from a player totally depends on their level versus your level. The higher level players are, thr more Honor they get. This Honor gain is adjusted by other factors such as the number of players in the vicinity. For example, if you killed a player solo, you will generally gain more Honor than you killed one with a group. Some buffs also impact Honor gain, such as the buffs in Wintergrasp like Honorable, Great Honor, Greater Honor, and Greatest Honor for the Alliance; and Lok-regar, Lok-narash, Lok’tar, and Lok’tar Ogar. For the WOW Horde, Honor point is also provided by some quests, especially PvP ones, as a bonus reward in addition to WOW gold and experience. 

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