How to store your stuff in World of Warcraft

If you’ve played for very long, you may have noticed that you can accumulate a

sizable collection of armor, weapons, bandages, food, and just… well… stuff. And

while you can (and should) sell things as you go to fund your continued adventures,

sometimes you run into things you want to keep. Maybe it’s a weapon with a cool look

that you might want to use for transmogrification or maybe it’s a full set of armor

that you use for an alternate talent spec. Whatever your reasons for hanging on to

the things you collect in game, wow gold for sale it’s far too easy to fill up all

your available inventory space. So what do you do when you have stuff you want to

keep and no place to keep it?

Fortunately there are lots of options for storage in World of Warcraft: all you have

to do is take advantage of them.

Stock up on bags
The first and simplest way to expand your inventory is to buy some bags. While you

will run into some as you level up, they’re probably smaller than those you can find

elsewhere. Here’s how you can find some shiny new bags with a minimum of hassle…

Head to the nearest auction house. This is the most straightforward option, but be

prepared to pay for it. If you’re just getting started, Netherweave Bags will give

you a lot of storage for a minimal cost — providing 16 slots of space for around 25

gold each. If you have the coin, you can pick up larger bags — like the 20-slot

Frostweave Bag or the 22 slot Embersilk Bag — but expect to pay several hundred gold

per bag, at least.
If that’s out of your price range, finding a tailor who’s willing to craft bags for

you in exchange for materials is a good bet. If you are a tailor you can, of course,

make your own bags — but it’s exceptionally useful to have higher level bags when

you’re still at a low level, before you can craft them yourself. Just look up the

materials required to make each bag, purchase them, and then hunt around until you’ve

found a tailor to make them for you. Just remember, when asking, be polite, don’t

spam, and offer a tip. Even though you’re providing the materials, the tailor is

providing the skill — and it’s just polite to offer them something in exchange for

their time.
If you just can’t spare the coin to buy bags, you can try asking your friends if they

have any bags to spare. Again, it’s important to be polite and not be a pest, but if

you have higher level friends on your server, they may have bags that aren’t being

used because they’ve upgraded to better ones. You don’t know until you’ve asked!

Visit your local bank
But even with the best bags on the market, you can easily fill up your inventory

space. Fortunately, you’ve got a huge second inventory in your local bank. If you’ve

never paid the bank a visit, there’s no time like the present! Visit any major city

– all Horde and Alliance capitals will have a bank, and most neutral cities as well

– and talk to one of the bank tellers to access your very own bank vault. If you’ve

got materials you’re saving for crafting or gear you’re saving for

transmogrification, this is the perfect place to stash it — and clean out your

inventory in the process.

You’ll notice that below the available storage slots there are 7 bag slots, each of

which can be unlocked — for a price. These slots can be filled with any bag you have

and each costs a little more to unlock (the first is 10 silver, the second 1 gold,

the third 10 gold, and from there on out 25 gold each). We recommend unlocking

additional slots as you need them and filling them with hand-me-down bags when you

upgrade the bags in your inventory. 

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