I do not know that there were Bank and the auction

In a day of 2006, my 20 level gnome warlock came to wetland first time. Just out of curiosity, I came to wetland alone to search, as a result, I went astray dragonmaw gate, and then OVER, but I always want to know what are at the east of wetland. Later, I finally did black dragon MM open task and came to wetland kill the dragon. At killing the last part, i witnessed the grim batol’s appearance. I am very disappointed, as there was only one unopened gate and sheer cliff. The only speciies was those red dragons. At that time, I was a druid, so I didn’t control myself and looked up the history. Dwarf tribe’s 3 hammer war was shrouded in here. Cunning black iron tribe forced the red dragon queen for their operations, but ultimately resulted in their own destruction. Maybe it was at that moment, here left a red dragon figure. In this fertile wetland, the red calm breeding for generations, until today.

Several years later, everything has changed. Deathwing returned and brought tremendous changes. Today’s grim batol has been conquered by nye surrey, evil stage would come back. With accompanied by justice is against. Maybe players who had done twilight highland are familiar with, there is not only bite forces and twilight forces of war, also scarlet dragons and twilight dragons battlefield. The road to the grim batol is a hail of bullets, fire smoke. Look at behind it is a way of dismembered.

He joined a guild named “chaotian gate”, because he seldom joined the guild activities, so most of guild members thought he was a new comer. Fortunately, the leader never blamed him. He also told us the stories of other guild members. Sometimes we asked him why he didn’t have lover, as young people were always interested in this question. He often smiled and said there was a priest girl who had thrown snow ball with him at the seaside of gadgetzan. Didn’t he account? We all said he told a lie, as it was very hot in Gadgetzan and full of desert. Where are snow balls from? Only i trusted him, as i saw that magical snowball which can’t melt. One day, some people came to find purple flame. It was said the new allies of our alliance. He asked purple flame to join their military. But purple flame refused. Elves’ life is long, but he is accustomed the quiet life. But only i know he would go with them, as i have seen he got the long bow out already.

I do not know that there were Bank and the auction house in the Booty Bay. I said good bye to that lively female pastor which were a lovely hat, then stepped on the way back Grom camp. Since then I ignored the player with small account of the Union trumpet, but went straight to get on the airship back to Orgrimmar. Then took a trot and came to the bank which can let me check how WOW gold I get, I turned the box and then found two defense equipment. One is the Karazhan NO.3, the iron of the saint Gauntlets dropped by boss. Another thing is a pure gold statue which I forget from which instance.
I took a look at the hands of the Vengeful Gladiator’s Plate Gauntlets, the Item Level is up to 146, this was fully t6 level, this armor was in a high level, I took the Joan iron Gauntlets back in the warehouse. Actually I mainly worried about how much WOW gold I should spent on gems and enchants. At that time the purple gem could be bought in 250 gold, and the blue gem was worth about 80 gold, but I still makd a decided to change for a pure gold statue. Because I was not that stupid and I know that without the toughness of the blue quality Medallion of the Horde killing monsters is not useful to me. And it is alos the same blue quality as the pure gold statue.
Therefore, the most important point was where I should use these items. So I found the warrior trainer to point a forgotten talent when I place in the row of the battlefield. The guy charged me 15 WOW gold, it was too expensive! I use the mainstream defensive talent which found on the network and point them again. And then began a careful study to the skills which brought by defensive talent. Unfortunately, these skills instruction made me dizziness, a simple additional hatred could made me confused , I did not know how I can use the hatred, and which hatred is more and which is less, I had no idea on that time but search the relevant information on the internet. Through the tireless research, I finally figured out a few very important point, firstly , the Shield Slam is the first hate skills, you can use it without any hesitate. Moreover, the Devastate attraction was with the effect of Sunder Armor, you can throw the skills of Sunder Armor ability out of the skill bar. 

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