I was lack of experience seriously

After a few days to make effort to play in the game to kill monsters and earn WOW gold , I was invited by captain of the hero hell fire walls and got in his group. And the other three teammates were in the walls of a collection of stone and wait for a long time, rushed to pull me and the captain there. When I got into this instance, I instinctively feel that my teammates seem to have something to say about my military uniform but they did not say a word. That probably because I had put on “Dolly’s embrace” to prove that I have already experienced at least 60 brands of practice, and that means I was somewhat different from those common soldiers.
What I used was the S2 shield which was very powerful. At that time I already sold those items in blue-quality like Crystal Pulse Shield in order to make some WOW gold to buy the daisy shield and knife of Gladiator which were in the legendary for a long time, I began to be seriously to do the 6 seconds cycle with the monsters. I cooperated with the Master of the team and killed one monster, but might it because of my military uniform; I got the high-strength crit, and even can pull the monster at the first time. But I even didn’t have the defense rating in level 490, so the monsters would like to beat me, very often my blood line was suddenly fell to below 50%, the monster soldiers inside the walls got the ability to disarmed and Mortal Strike, my treatment almost cannot be added up. But when two waves of monsters were wiped away, there was no one blamed me, then I was in a sudden sense of accomplishment, I can pull the monsters.
But that kind of situation didn’t last for a long time, because I was lack of experience seriously, and I didn’t get back in tame when the third group monsters was pulled, all of us was be killed and our group was destroyed without any suspense. Fortunately, the treatment is the only shaman, he was good at to cheat to be a dead, which made us avoid from running corpse. In this way, we have passed the first Clearance, but there were several people died around the walls. After we killed the first group of monsters, the second groups with two monsters were very easy to defeat, and at the end, we meet the demon BOSS.

PS: all the following tests are completed under the condition of without any gems, enchants, trigger BUFF. The repressive strike is still in there. The test is about the affects of flat chop, speculative attack, brave/cleave, smash to blood breath.
When all above attacks are:
Unshot, you can not get blood breath buff;
Dodged, you can gain blood breath buff;
Parried, you can not gain blood breath buff;
Above all we can see when your attack, brave/cleave, smash or dodge, you can get blood breath buff and two layers in one time. In other words, every time enemy dodges you, you have two suppress can be used.

After finishing naked test, when your lethal:
Miss, you can not gain blood breath Buff;
Dodge, you can get blood breath buff;
Parry, you can not get blood breath buff;
Under the circumstance of 430, no any enchant, gem and buff irritating, 52 times suppress’ average hurt is 28518, non-strike’s average hurt is 14429.
Smash and Storm Bolt
Their hurts are ungraded! Under the circumstance of 463, no any enchant, gem and buff irritating, 52 times suppress’ average hurt is 56089, non-strike’s average hurt is 27448.
Under the circumstance of 463, no any enchant, gem and buff irritating, 7 times storm hammer’s average hurt is 69269, the max is 65216, least is 65216. non-strike’s average hurt is 14429.
Frenzied Regeneration and revival wind
Frenzied regeneration is just like narrative introduction, the rage is changed 30, the others are not changed.
Emissary of War and Shock Wave
Clicking emissary of war, yu will get 2 debuff after rushing on. One is coma 3 seconds, the other one is reducing speed 50%, 15 seconds. Shock wave CD will change to 40 seconds. With 3 goals, CD will become 20 seconds; the interesting thing is after you are beat by shock wave to the 3 goals, the ti 

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