In Runescape death means the loss of gear and goods

For most players engaging in combat vs. a mob or a player, the worse the fight goes, the more exciting the fight gets. In other MMOs where dying is an annoying inconvenience, in RuneScape death means the loss of gear and goods that may very well have taken tens or hundreds of hours worth of effort to acquire. Dying for many players can be a devastating, rage-quitting experience. I think if you wanted a great old game with not so great 90s graphics, then you would be much better off playing Asherons Call. Runescape is a 90s level game on par with a ps1 diablo clone made in an era when games were well into using 3d.

The combat system is not something to write home about either, its hardly a system at all, have knife will stab. Runescape does have that sort of UO gathering thing and player housing I can give them kudos for that, but they sorely lack in the pvp strategy market. Seriously a 2d nentindo game from the 80s is almost more complicated, actually I think final fight IS more complicated. Fair as the game stands now I can give it a low 7 on sandbox elements and how they attract lots of players so the world is rather alive. But I couldn’t get anywhere past 8.3 until the pvp/combat system is far better than it is now.

Definitely that would mean a major game overhaul which I doubt will happen. But that’s just me, its easy to hate on runescape, but I have played it, its a lot more engrossing than most asian grinders. I started playing rs when it was 2 weeks old and yet their it is still up huge memory with friends, and family. Although it is such a great game, I agree it needs updating. Then again it would not be a browser based game, look of how far it has come for being a bbg. Although when a rs3 comes out with good graphics and all with character switch over. I will be playing that indeed.  

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