It’s very hard to navigate your way around

There are a variety of free quests to do, however there are many, many more quests on pay to play. These are shown on the world map by a certain symbol, so just look out for them. When you complete a quest in Runescape, you gain an amour of quest points, and maybe something else such as experience in a certain skill or money or an item. Quest points are also one of the things that may be required to begin a quest – you may need a certain amount of them. So much to do! So much fun and most of all so many places to visit! When you begin the game, it is very hard to navigate your way around, but you will get used to the map after a while and learn it off by heart.

The main places to visit in the free to play area of Runescape are: Lumbridge: This isn’t so popular, as there isn’t much to do in the way of shopping, but there are sites such as the lumbridge castle where you begin the game after the tutorial island. There are many places to train around here as well. Falador: This is the other main free to play city to visit. There are a range of shops here that aren’t anywhere else such as the shield shop. Falador also consists of the White Knights Castle. Runescape gold guilds are good, as they are like a checkpoint in the way you can go there at a certain level, and improve that skill even more in a new environment, and they make it easy to get experience.

Well, there are a range of emotions. Some of which are unlocked by quests or random events (more about that next). You can do things such as nod your head for yes, shake for no, stamp your foot, do a zombie dance, jump for joy, panic, becker, do a raspberry, and many more! You can change your settings and change the brightness of the game, and many more things. One screen also allows you to run and walk depending on which you want.


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