It’s Zombie Killin’ Time It’s Zombie Killin’ Time


Caedryn the Dwarf is back and he’s ventured into the Rift Gloamwood location and it’s time to take on everyone’s favorite bad guy: The Zombie! See what transpires in Caedryn’s latest adventure! Read on.

The goblins are still a serious problem in Gloamwood, and I think they will be until I finally get around to descending into Darkening Deep. But until that time, it’s my job to pick them off one by stinking one. And on that note, Laenaya Niro wants me to indulge in a bit of chemical warfare. A bit of light napalm dusting. (Or the equivalent thereof.) Laenaya wants me to test the Goblin Venom I found earlier on any goblins in Gloamwood. Seriously, I am instructed to poison Goblin villages with some sort of chemical concoction. But she tries to make it sound all noble like. “I’ve warred against goblins, treated venomous wounds, and choked on poison gas. This is worse. The toxic mixture of treant sap and Standing Stones dust is very unstable. Discover its true use by testing the Goblin Venom on the goblins of Gloamwood.” Actually, that doesn’t sound too noble. Basically, the goblins made this stuff, so we have stolen it and are going to use it on them instead. Karma.



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