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From what little details we know, Marvel Universe Online isn’t going to be a traditional experience, which in many ways can be a good thing. Following set plotlines for individual heroes creates a more definitive comic book experience in the way that previous games have failed. So while it is all well and good to create a leather crotched villain called “Cowboy Groin” it isn’t nearly as entertaining to find yourself in a world inundated with insane looking peers – each grinding the same villains, nobody seemingly normal around you. MUO has the chance to create a more authentic superhero experience, albeit with a more linear tone. So in effect you may be trading some freedoms, but in a sense gaining a more engrossing and even immersive experience.
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Marvel Universe Online is one of those games that has captured the imaginations of a lot of comic fans but how can it measure up to “those other” super hero MMOs out there?’s Adam Tingle has a few ideas on how Marvel Universe Online can be the KING of super hero games. See if you agree and then add a few comments when you’re finished reading. 

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