League of Legends Champion Review: Lucien, purifier

Lucien joined the roster entering the league legends like other ADC bottom lane. Lucien AD & AP than casting his ability and attention to the combination, you can become the next must-have champion? Play purified in its initial one week, it is time to load the guns and discovery.Here to supply Buy FFXIV Gil

New legend, he has a very strong presence in his skin and artwork. His skin like Vayne some respects, Lucien is a hunter’s trade, but he is more dark and edgy. One thing to remember Lucien, he was the first black man in the league championship. This gave him a lot of flavor and a fantastic roster of existence, as if he is a killing machine one. Lucien spare for the skin, it completely changed his appearance.

In short, the assassin Lucien is an injury in the league with a strong compatibility. His ability to balance, as well as the potential to build his roster mix is a welcome sight. Although his positioning feature, you can debate when it comes to subdued stuff from his ability and auto-attack damage, damage output is not too strong, and if you know how to respond to the championship. As late game hits, he can deal a fatal injury, but did not control the crowd, back it up, you can easily freeze him in place, dizziness and slow. Lucien is a great choice for any experienced AD into anyone like playing a mix in the bottom lane.

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