LiLis Travel Journal the Basic

These materials are then either sold to other players or used directly with another profession to create an item. Many players choose to take nothing but gathering professions provide either your friends or auction house (make money for them). Production activities allow players to create equipment, supplies, or other evidence sought. These elements can then be used by any person who created or sold off (if they are not connecting the pick-up).
Most occupations production does not really produce all the elements very useful (and expected) until the later levels, if alchemy and jewelry are the exception rather high. World Guides crafting quests War and advice and wow gold cheap in the game. If you find yourself surrounded by the mob attack you there is only one way to lead. Away! But it can be difficult for you to escape multiple enemies, but if you use this little trick. You see every mob follows the exact path you are traveling and if you strafe left – right when running your disciples fast forward and slow you are able to escape.
This is good advice if you are a healer. If you need to heal yourself in battle without losing your target there is a way to do it. Instead of clicking on your character to cast a spell on yourself, you can press the ALT key while casting a spell. By pressing this button, you will automatically target you and cheap wow gold fast in the game. You will get the previous target when you release the ALT key. F1 will also target yourself and F2 – F5 target members of your group. If you want to target pet for someone, you must press F2 – F5 twice. (For example, F2 target hunter in my group if I press F2 again I will target his pet.)
If you press F while targeting a friend you are targeting its target. This is called help. If someone wants to help you, just target them and press F. You can also type / help monitor their nickname in the chat window. Guides There are special quests that were created by highly skilled player’s wow and buy wow gold us in the game. These guides will help you complete quests very fast and very level players Brian Kops Alliance use fast. The players use Horde Guide Joana’s guide. (Click on the links to view them.) 

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