Loyalty Additions and Lodestone Network

Highlights from the Spring/Summer collection include 20 new auras, two of which are brand new. ‘Invigorate’ recharges your special attack at a rate of an additional 20% at tier 1, and an additional 60% at tier 4. ‘Harmony’, meanwhile, is a variation on ‘Corruption’ and ‘Salvation’, with a neat twist of having Guthix-themed wings. For those who have scrimped and saved, we can offer tier 4 versions of all existing auras.

For those who like to skulk moodily in the shadows and scare their friends, we can offer cosmetic auras that make your eyes glow in a choice of 8 colours.

Without ruining the surprise, we can also announce the following additions: another 6 titles, including ‘the Undefeated’; 2 new costumes (a wee hint: if you howl at the moon or you like your ears pointy, you’ll appreciate them); 3 new recolours including options for the Ancient Staff; and 4 new emotes, including the ROFLcopter (you’ll need the ROFL emote to make this beauty work).

The eagle-eyed among you will also spot a permanent price reduction on many auras. If you’ve already purchased and upgraded auras at the old prices, don’t worry; we’ll be applying a Loyalty Point refund to your account within the next few days. There are a fair few accounts to go through, though, so please be patient.

Our current special offers-valid until the 31st of March-are a 50% discount on auras and items from the first Loyalty Programme batch, and 25% off auras and items from the second batch. If you’re owed any Loyalty Points in accordance with the price reduction, you’ll have them in plenty of time to take advantage of these offers!

If you are yet to sign up to the programme, please click here or visit the RuneScape homepage (select “Members Loyalty Programme” from the Account drop-down menu). 

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