Major Payne’s Pet Menagerie: Son of Animus

The problem with that mechanical guardian Archritualist Kelada made for Lei Shen is that it didn’t have feelings. Kelada’s Dark Animus was a cold-hearted construct that couldn’t fully appreciate the might of my sword, nor stand in awe of my incredible battlefield prowess as I pulverized it into permanent sleep mode. I see that look of amazement in your eyes!

While you’ve been busy pushing dinosaurs toward extinction, I’ve been busy strolling through the Throne of Thunder finding ways to test your skills. Notice how I said strolling?! Reports from my spies indicate many of you have gone through an inordinate amount of rationed “QQ” tissues after visiting the Isle of Giants. Poor you. How about a relaxing jaunt through the Halls of Flesh-Shaping to reinvigorate the mind and body? Oh dear, here come the tears again!

Now, before you boo-hoo your way outta here, remember that this is training—and it’s challenges like these that’ll one day mold you into a fierce and fearsome combatant. JUST LIKE ME! Let’s listen to what the unofficial guardian of Stormwind has to say. 

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